Hearts are heavy

My heart is so heavy right now. Kristen handled the switchover from the oscillating ventilator to the regular one wonderfully. Once the switch was made and they were sure she was stable, they took her down for a CT scan of her brain. The images were fairly definitive that the brain had sustained too much damage during the 1 1/2 - 2 hours of chest compressions on Friday.

They've taken her off all medications that will affect her brain (paralytic, sedative and pain meds) and plan to see what happens by around noon tomorrow (24 hours). They don't expect any purposeful movement, but are giving ample time before we need to make any decisions.

We are not giving up, so please, please continue to pray! We are, however, trying to prepare ourselves for what may be ahead. It's not good, and it hurts beyond what words can express. We thank you and cherish all the many kind and encouraging words. We know that God can still, even now, restore Kristen's brain; we pray that He will.


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