Weekly sonograms

I had the first of our weekly sonograms today. Nothing's really changed. The mass in Kristen's chest is basically the same size as it was when we were in Wichita (3.29x2.29x1.79 cm). It is good news in that the mass hasn't gotten any bigger and there is no sign of hydrops (fluid build-up).

My doctor here basically told me that he will be faxing the results of each sonogram to the specialist in Wichita and doing what he can for me, but he has no experience with CCAM. (Dr. Marshall's delivered a lot of babies in 20 years, so that should tell you how rare this is.) Thankfully, his sonographer, Debbie, has seen CCAM before (she's the one who caught it in early February), but only 4 cases in 30 years. She's great. She also works with Dr. O'Hara in Wichita, subbing for them when someone's on vacation, and comes very highly recommended by Dr. O'Hara herself.

Next on the agenda...glucose tolerance test next week and next sonogram on Friday, March 6 @ 10:00 a.m.