Children's Mercy visit

It's late, but Kristen is sleeping soundly, and I wanted to leave an update about today's visit to Children's Mercy. (I'm afraid if I leave it until tomorrow, it might not get done!)

We met with Dr. Shawn St. Peter at CMH at 10:00 a.m. If Kristen requires surgery, he will be the one to do it. He walked us through the process (which would be thorascopic -- minimally invasive) and told us that he was 100% sure that the CCAM was still there.

After a quick bite of lunch in the cafeteria, we headed to Radiology for an ultrasound. They couldn't see it! We spoke with the head of Radiology who said that a CT scan was the only thing that could tell the entire story about whether or not the CCAM is still there. Kristen is too small right now to go through a CT scan. They have us scheduled for on one July 15th. The doctor said that if the CT scan is clear, then he'll just call it a misdiagnosis and we'll all be happy. We say he apparently doesn't know WHO we're dealing with!

We continue to believe that Kristen is perfectly healthy, thanks to God's healing touch. We can't medically prove it now, but 2 of the 3 tests they use to see them after birth have shown nothing of the CCAM. She's not had any shortness of breath or any kind of breathing issues at all. Praise God!

She was an absolute angel today at Children's Mercy. She slept the entire time we were there (and on the trip to and from), with the exception of a little crying during the ultrasound. She did well on the trip home to Great Bend as well. She fussed a little about an hour from home, but got over it quickly. That made the long trip a much easier one, for certain! Emily and Grace entertained themselves in the back of the van, and I was able to sleep a little, though I ended up reflecting a lot on the events of the past 9 days. They've certainly been eventful days!

We have so much to be grateful for...God has blessed us beyond what we could imagine. The people that He placed in our path every step of the way have been example after example of His care and His mercy. And the power of prayer is amazing. Not only is Kristen doing well, but I've not had much pain at all (once Kristen was here, anyway!). Now, I haven't had much sleep either, but that's to be expected!

Thanks to all those who have prayed and continue to pray for us. We'll be praying that the CT scan in July will prove the doctor wrong and be a testimony to the power of our amazing God. In the meantime, we'll be enjoying our sweet baby girl!

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