The mass is changing

Great report today! The mass is continuing to change in texture (even from the last sonogram just 10 days ago) and is about 1/3 the size it was when they first discovered it (3.29 cm then to 1.2 cm today). I asked about the size of Kristen's right lung in comparison to her's nearly the same size!

She's up to about 4 pounds now and growing very well. As active as she is, it's no wonder to me! I think she has developed her own exercise routine - it feels like kickboxing!

I go back for another sonogram here in Great Bend next Monday (3/30), then will see the specialist in Wichita that following Friday (4/3). We'll see what she says at that point...the mass could even be completely gone by then. If so, there is a possibility that we could deliver here in Great Bend instead of in Wichita. Emily and Grace are very hopeful for that so they can see their new little sister sooner!

We are all so very grateful - foremost for God's healing in this situation, His grace and mercy throughout it all - and also for all of the many prayers that have been lifted on Kristen's behalf. Thank you so much!


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