She's a contortionist!

I just got back from the doctor's office here in Great Bend. The mass hasn't really changed much from last Monday (still about the same size (1.19 cm x .909 cm), but Kristen's doing very well. Dr. Marshall is still very encouraged and sees no reason I can't deliver here in town (provided the doctor in Wichita agrees). They did a biophysical profile today, which basically tracks movement, increases in heart rate with movement, muscle tone, breathing rate, and the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Dr. Marshall said she did perfect!

We head to Wichita this Friday to see Dr. Forbes (I think that's his name). Dr. O'Hara is out of town this week, and Dr. Forbes is filling in for her. He's from the east coast and travels around the country, filling in for maternal fetal specialists, such as Dr. O'Hara. Debbie, the sonographer here in town, will be working with Dr. Forbes 3 days this week in Wichita and will take all the films of Kristen's CCAM with her so Dr. Forbes can see the progression over the last 6 weeks. Though Debbie has never seen a CCAM resolve, Dr. Forbes has, so we're anxious to hear what he has to say.

We're of course grateful that the mass has gotten smaller and continuing to pray that it's completely gone by the time Kristen makes her arrival. And we thank all of you for your prayers! God has worked such a miracle in this little girl's life even before she has breathed her first breath. We stand in awe of Him who made us all.

Emily and Gracie were there to see Kristen blinking and smiling today. Debbie took several pictures of Kristen's face, most in 3-D this time. I'll post the best ones in the photo album. She's quite flexible...she had her foot resting on top of her head in one of the pictures!


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