CT scan done - home again

Just winding down from a long day today. We arrived at CMH at 7:30 this morning for Kristen's CT scan. Everything seemed to take forever! They started with applying lidocaine to her arms and ankles (to numb possible sites for the IV) and ended up having to stick both of her little arms. Ouch! They did end up sedating her because they needed to slow her breathing for the best possible picture. We were with her while they put the IV in, but the nurse took her away for the sedation, contrast and scan. We had to wait about 45 minutes and got to see her again when she was waking up. Poor little baby was so groggy, but she did great. A radiologist confirmed that it was a good scan, but we won't know the results for a couple of days.

I fed her before we left Radiology at 10:30 (she hadn't been allowed to have any milk since 4:00 a.m.). She was hungry, but so sleepy! After some lunch and a quick stop to see Will's older sister, we headed home. The trip took an extra hour and a half. Kristen was hungry, but still sleepy, so she'd eat a little, then fall asleep and wake up an hour later hungry again. We stopped three times to feed her!

We're all glad to be back home from a very quick trip. Kristen went to bed about 10:00 tonight, which is early for her. She stayed up longer than her sisters or her daddy...we're all pretty tired. I'm going to sign off and head to bed myself. We should know something by noon on Friday...


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