Very small signs

Kristen's pupils have been responding to light today (they were not responding last night). She's also shown signs of trying to swallow (rudimentary, but still there) and was trying to breathe earlier. They've since put her on medication to keep her from moving as it interferes with the oscillating ventilator she's on (it keeps the lungs constantly inflated). Praise God, these are all positive signs! They are very small signs, but indications nonetheless of some brain function.

They're working to wean her from the ventilator she's on to a regular ventilator so they can see how productive her tries are at breathing on her own. We hope that will happen in the morning. Once that's done, they plan to do a CT scan to see what her brain tissue looks like.

It's been an exhausting day, but we definitely feel better tonight than we did last night. Visits from family and friends made the day much easier. Kristen's still got a very long way to go, but she's a strong girl. We thank you all for the many, many heartfelt prayers. Keep them coming!


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