Our "Magic" Front Porch


We've joked that either we have the best friends ever, or we have a "magic" front porch.  Before I headed to bed last Thursday night, I looked out the window next to the front door like I always do.  I have a perfect view of Kristen's tree from that window, and it's part of my one last check on my girls before I head to bed.  That night, however, something caught my eye on the front porch.  Lined up on the steps were four pots of pink geraniums!  I stepped out in my jammies and found cards of encouragement that were signed by "Your friends in Christ."  I promptly sat down right there on the porch...in the dark...in my jammies...and cried tears of gratitude.  Only the next morning as I rolled the trash can out to the curb did I discover that our anonymous gift-givers had also left a beautiful solar light next to Kristen's tree.  Those gifts and the thoughtfulness of those who would go to such lengths touch my heart in a place and in a way that is difficult to put into words.

I mentioned the possibility that our front porch has some sort of "magic" quality.  I don't base that only on the pink geraniums that appeared last week.  Over the last year or so we've had some amazing things "appear" out there.  The night before one of our visits to the specialist in Wichita, we found a car seat and stroller out there.  This wasn't just any car seat and stroller, but the very ones we had planned to pick up at Target in Wichita the next day.  They were pink and a purple-y wine color, and I absolutely loved them!

Not long after Kristen's funeral, we found an anonymous package in the mailbox (on the front porch).  In that package were several restaurant gift cards, tickets to see Michael W. Smith in Wichita, and a confirmation number for a room at the Hyatt!  Easter Sunday we found two Build-a-Bear Blossom Bunnies in baskets on the front porch and candy-filled eggs scattered in the front yard.

It's fun to talk about our "magic" front porch, but I know that we simply have the best friends ever.  I may not know exactly who was behind the sweet sneakiness, but I am so grateful to those dear souls.  While we've certainly had our suspicions as to the identity of our anonymous gift-givers, no one has 'fessed up.  We do want to respect their desire to remain anonymous, but we also want them to know how very much their creative thoughtfulness means to us.  What an amazing testimony to the love of Christ!

We love you, dear friends.  Each night as I look out at Kristen's tree before heading to bed, I see the beautiful glow of that light, and I think of you and thank God for your friendship.

I thank my God every time I remember you.
-Philippians 1:3


Michelle said...

Oh, how sweet. Everyone needs friends like that! I finally made it over here to read your blog. Your Kristen is so pretty! I hope you are having a peaceful day. XXX

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