The Happy Day Project {Part 2}


Despite good intentions, our last week didn't go quite as planned. Consequently, we only took part in the first three days of "The Happy Day Project." And you know what? That's okay! We brought smiles to some faces and reached out in ways we haven't before. And that makes me happy. :)

Day #1 - Treats to a Neighbor
The chocolate chip cookie dough I mixed up Monday looked good...tasted great...but resulted in some of the flattest cookies I have seen in a while.  So, we kept it for cookie sundaes and delivered some warm pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to a couple of neighbors this afternoon.  One was especially thrilled, and after asking Grace exactly why she had brought her these treats, happily exclaimed, "I love it!'

Day #2 - Handwritten Note Day
I pray that our handwritten notes to the Horn family bring smiles to their faces.  We don't know them, but continue to pray for them daily.

Day #3 - Giftcard to Homeless
We are fortunate to live in a community where the homeless are not just everywhere.  I'm sure they are there, but we just don't normally see them.  On occasion, we do see a family parked near the main drag through town holding a sign indicating that they are in need of work.  We've always just driven by, wanting to do something, but unsure of how best to help.  We are now ready to help as God leads.  The glove box holds close at hand a couple of Braum's gift cards (for either groceries or a hot meal).

This project has definitely given me some ideas of how we might celebrate Kristen's birthday next year.  Perhaps more importantly, it has sparked some wonderful conversations with my two older daughters, both about reaching out to others and about their baby sister.

Grace blessed me so much last week by sharing (completely unprompted) her memories of the last time she saw Kristen.  She smiled as she talked of taking pictures of her little sister as Kristen slept.  She spoke of waving goodbye to us as she and Emily drove away with their grandparents the day before we left for Kristen's surgery.

It seems this "Happy Day Project" resulted in some happiness I didn't expect.  I am ever so grateful for it.

The Happy Day Project


I came across "The Happy Day Project" today and wanted to share it here.

Several months ago, as Emily and I sipped on frozen strawberry lemonades at McDonalds, we talked about ways we could remember Kristen's birthday.  We had just "celebrated" her 2nd heavenly birthday with a family day trip.  Keeping it simple and within our immediate family was what seemed right this year, but Emily and I both felt like we wanted to do something different next year.

We didn't come up with anything specific, but we knew that we wanted it to involve more than just our immediate family.  We knew that we wanted to reach out to help someone else.  Participating in something like "The Happy Day Project" and inviting our friends and family to join us is certainly a worthy candidate!

Whether we do this (or something like it) next year for Kristen's birthday or not, I invite you to join us this week in "The Happy Day Project."  I can think of no better way to usher in the upcoming holiday season.