Wichita doctor visit

Well, our Wichita appointment was yesterday. Dr. O'Hara was at a conference and had a Dr. Farb filling in for her. He told us the sonogram showed that the mass hadn't changed in size from when we were there 6 weeks ago. I questioned him about what the sonograms from Great Bend showed (that the mass had shrunk a couple of weeks ago) and he said he only had what the Wichita office did 6 weeks ago and yesterday. He checked and apparently the films never made it to Wichita as I was assured just last Monday that they would. We're a little frustrated!

There really wasn't any bad news, we're just not where we thought we were. The cysts that were in the mass 6 weeks ago are gone, and though the size of the CCAM hasn't changed, the size of Kristen has. Since she has grown and the CCAM hasn't, the right lung has more room and is developing (though not as much as we were told here). The fact that the CCAM hasn't grown is very good. And Dr. Farb does believe that indications show the CCAM is resolving.

They scheduled another appointment for us in Wichita in 3 weeks. I pray that Dr. O'Hara will be there then! (I'm sure Dr. Farb is a very good doctor, but I sure missed Dr. O'Hara's wonderful way of explaining things.) Dr. Farb didn't think surgery would be required right away for Kristen, should the mass still be there, but he still thought we should deliver in Wichita. We'll know more after the next appointment on April 24.

Thanks to you all for your continued prayers!


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