That ache...


is back.

That awful, terrible ache deep in my still-tender heart - the one that drops me to my knees - is back, yet again.

I am missing Kristen so very much right now.  A year ago she was here in my arms.  A year ago all three of my sweet girls were here together under one roof, the older two giggling as they lay on the living room floor with their baby sister, watching her respond to them.

As each day goes by, I seem to be swallowed up a little more by the great sadness that has taken up residence here.  The tears are very close to the surface, yet again.  The nights come with restless sleep, and the mornings are difficult to face.  I am just so very sad.

I anticipate that once I get past this anniversary, the pain will ease.  I certainly hope so, because right now I feel like I'm being crushed beneath the weight of it.

Still trusting that God is completely in control, but missing my baby so very much,


Jennifer said...

Thinking about you and praying for the peace that passes all understanding. Deep breaths and on moment at a time. xoxo

Lori said...

Lifting you up as that ache encircles you...praying that it eases up and you are filled with the comfort only God can supernaturally give.

I'm sorry for your hurting right now...

Holly said...

I hope your pain does ease. I think the days leading up are always the hardest.

elena said...

I am so sorry that your are feeling that ache and pray that God grants you peace soon. Thinking about you and sending many hugs your way.

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