God will work out the details

I saw my doctor here in Great Bend this morning. Kristen is doing well and does have her head down. (Yesterday, she seemed to be doing the hokey pokey...I was afraid she had "turned herself around"!)

We've still not heard from Dr. O'Hara's office in Wichita (neither has my doctor here). I have a call in to our pediatrician to visit with her about the level of care the nursery at the hospital here can provide. As long as that conversation goes well, I think we'll be delivering here in town. We do still have the option to deliver in Wichita, but logistically, it would probably create more stress than it would relieve.

Dr. Marshall is not in favor of inducing (unless absolutely medically necessary) at all, and they won't induce in Wichita until I get to 39 weeks. Based on my history, I probably won't make it to 39 weeks. Given that, we could either move to Wichita in another week or so and hang out there until I go into labor, or we could just make the trip once I do go into labor. Frankly, neither of those options sounds very appealing.

The mass measured about 2cm today, and most likely won't get any smaller before delivery. The fact that it hasn't grown since the original measurement (regardless of whether it has shrunk some or not) is a good sign. We continue to pray for no respiratory distress at birth!

I'm beginning to feel some peace about the whole situation...I've struggled over these last few days with handing everything over to God. I know in my heart He'll work out all the details, it's just working it all out in my head that's been the problem. I've needed a plan, and I think one is beginning to come together. Please pray that we are able to discern God's plans from our own and that Kristen's birth is the miraculous event it is supposed to be (with no extra drama!). Thanks so much for your support...we're almost there!


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