Big change of plans

I wasn't expecting to make another update today, but I got a call from Dr. Marshall here in town late this afternoon. He did finally speak with Dr. O'Hara today, and is now convinced that we should deliver in KC. Children's Mercy has an ECMO machine, while Wichita does not. There is a chance that Kristen would need this machine (which is comparable to a heart/lung bypass machine, only for newborns), and KC is the closest location.

They have an appointment set up for us for first thing Monday (yes, just 5 days away) to see another specialist at St. Luke's. There is a possibility that I might have to stay there until the baby arrives. Our heads are still swimming with all of this...just this morning, we were leaning toward delivering in Great Bend!

This may be God's answer to what we should do. It may all be the result of doctors being overly cautious. As Will put it today, it would be better to be where we have all we need and not need it, than to be where we don't and find we should have done something else. We have about a day to make a final decision about whether to go to KC Monday or not. Please pray for wisdom for us, for discernment and for peace in getting all the arrangements made, if necessary. Thanks so much!


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