Frustrating day redeemed!

I'm almost hesitant to write anything about our visit to Wichita yesterday. There was no bad news about Kristen, just a lot of frustration!

After waiting at the doctor's office for an hour and fifteen minutes, we finally got in for the sonogram. Everything looked good as far as we know. Tara said the mass seemed to be about the same size, though Kristen is bigger (over 6 pounds!). Because she is growing, and the way she was positioned, it was difficult to zero in on the mass.

Once the sonogram was over, Tara said we were done. I asked about seeing Dr. O'Hara and was told that our appointment was only for a sonogram. Will had words with the staff while I went to the bathroom and shed a few tears of frustration (having a full bladder for nearly two hours by this point was NOT fun). We didn't get in for the sonogram until 12:15, and the doctor left at 11:30. We had no idea we weren't going to get to see her...that was the whole point of our going! I had asked specifically when I got the reminder call if Dr. O'Hara was going to be in. I didn't want to see another fill-in doctor. I was told she would be there...but not that I wouldn't get to see her.

After lunch, I called Dr. Marshall's office in Great Bend and talked with Debbie (the sonographer). She said that they would call Dr. O'Hara Monday and get back with me. Dr. Marshall is planning on me delivering in Great Bend, but he's never dealt with a CCAM. I'm not trying to second guess him, but I really needed to hear Dr. O'Hara's opinion on the situation.

This baby could in all likelihood be here in a couple of weeks, and I still don't have a good feeling about where we're delivering. Great Bend would be much more convenient, but I don't know if it's best for Kristen. I know Wichita would have the facilities/equipment, but I have no doctor there (Dr. O'Hara doesn't deliver babies). ARRRGGHHH!

Thanks to some wonderful friends, however, the day was redeemed with great fellowship. We spent the evening with the Stephensons and the Haydens and witnessed yet again how much God loves and cares for us. He brought them all into our lives years ago and continues to bless us through them.

We'll find out more on Monday or Tuesday and go from there. In the meantime, we'll do our best to put our trust where it belongs. Thank you all for your continued prayers!


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